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The advice given here is only an introduction and general in nature.
Every dog is an individual and if you feel that you need more help.
Please contact me and I will be only too happy to discuss your issues.
In my experience addressing issues earlier rather than latter leads to better results.

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These are some products that I recommend and use.

They are all selected because they are of benefit to the dogs and can be used as training aids.

Please contact me if you would like assistance with any of the equipment discussed.

Child gate
Kennel- Is it weatherproof and dry? Is it durable? A boisterous puppy will make short work of a flimsy kennel.

Traveling- Plastic and foldable crates will be easier to transport.
Is there enough air circulation in Summer and warm enough in winter?
The wire play pen was great for keeping Wilbur in a safe place when we were too busy to keep an eye on him.

What type of mattress? We use a Rogz Pod and have found them to be extremely durable.
Trampoline beds are easier to clean and don't attract fleas. They are also cool in summer with plenty of ventelation

A kennel with a removable door will be handy if you travel and is also a great aid in teaching toilet training

You will need two dog bowls- one for food and the other for water.
Your dog always needs fresh water available, choose one that is heavy enough so it can't be knocked over. It must be big enough to last while ever you are away.
If the water bowl is going to be in the hot sun part of the day, try and have a second bowl that would be in the shade at that time.
The food bowl must be heavy enough so the dog can easily get the food out.
Leads and Collars

A good quality lead not only makes your dog look great, it is important for keeping the dog in control and with you.
Things to look forward in a good collar:

A flat broad collar that doesn't cut into the throat.
A strong buckle that suits your dog. We find the click together buckles are versatile and easy to use.
Rustproof especially if your dog swims.
Suits you dog and looks fun and attractive.

Headcollars and Harnesses

A head collar like a Halti or Gentle Leader is a great aid to stop your dog pulling when walking.
Also a shorter lead will help keep your dog walking to heel by keeping them close to you.

Please note
These are training aids and to work properly they need to be fitted correctly and used with a plan designed for your dog. We can help you with selecting and fitting of these devices.

A good lead should be long enough so you can walk together without tangling.
If you are going to leave a dog tethered with the lead make sure it is strong enough to prevent being chewed through

Retractable leads are versatile but make sure you use it to control the dog and not the other way around.

Soft Toys

We chose the number of soft toys for Wilbur. Some Toys he has played with for many months without damaging. However, others he has destroyed in a matter of minutes.

The common element I have noticed each of the toys is that if they are soft all over he tends to be more gentle with them. His green flea has lasted since he was a little puppy.


If the toys are soft and hard, like the Wubba, he tends to want to dissect them straightaway.


Dragon is quite soft in the body however you can see on his nose Wilbur pulled it apart and pulled the stuffing out. The nose was the firmest part of the toy.


Similarly, shark was pulled apart at the mouth where it was quite firm. Once he started pulling the toys apart I removed them so he he wouldn’t ingest the soft fibrous material.

Soft toys can be very expensive, choose the toy’s wisely and you will save yourself a lot of money. Wilbur’s Flea is the winner in the durability stakes.

Dog Toys come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to keep your dog entertained.

Many problems arise when the dog is bored and good toys can stop them from becoming bored. Some toys might seem expensive, however a good toy will be durable and will seem cheap next to a chewed couch!
I look for a solid toy especially if you have a chewer. I prefer rubber toys because if a piece is chewed off it passses through the dogs gut more easily than plastic or string.
Stuff food into the toy to make it more interesting for the dog. I try to make it as difficult as possible to challenge the dog and keep them busy.

Bounce adds a lot more fun for the dog and can be used in the park if they like to chase things.
Squeaky toys are great for some dogs but others will destroy them in seconds (including our dog Mildred).